Electric Power Stations

Electric Power Stations is the backbone of Kyrgyz power sector. The company is the main producer of energy in the Kyrgyzstan, providing electricity to domestic and foreign consumers.

The priorities of hydropower development are retrofit of existing plants, as well as the commissioning of new generating facilities. Moreover, the company is engaged in the search of new markets for power distribution and the improvement of export potential.

  • Electric Power Stations is an energy utility, producing 98% of all power in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Electric Power Stations was founded in 2001, as a result of reorganisation of Kyrgyzenergo, with the government owning 93.65% share in charter capital.
  • Total number of employees is 4303, including 1384 directors and specialist and 2919 workers.
  • The company includes 7 HPPs and 2 TPPs
  • Overall installed capacity: 3746 MW
  • TPP: 716 MW
  • HPP – 3030 MW
  • Annual power generation: 12-14bn kWh.

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