Open Iran Group

Open Iran Group is formed and directed by Dr Siamak Goudarzi, an international lawyer and his team of legal and business consultants who have assisted many international companies to expand into Iran. Many Iranian companies have also achieved their goals in internationalization through Open Iran Group . We are a global business consulting group that serves leading businesses, governments, non governmental organizations, and not-for-profits. We help our clients make lasting improvements to their expansion and realize their most important goals. Over the years, we’ve built a group uniquely equipped to this task.

Having worked as a judge in Iran for many years, Dr Goudarzi lived in the UK for over a decade where he specialized in International Business Law, formed and managed ILBS, International Legal and Business Solution Group in the UK. Now back to Iran, he is an international lawyer, senior partner of Afarin Law Firm in Iran and CEO of Open Iran Group. The group under his management is now concentrating on bringing international businesses to Iran, introducing investment opportunities to foreign companies, and assisting them in securing contracts. At the same time, Open Iran Group assists Iranian companies and organizations, including trade related government agencies to attract investment and technology to Iran.

Anita Papp, Co- Founder and International Director of Open Iran Group is an international director with many years of experience in executive business management. She manages and develops relationships with international partners as well as providing our Iranian clients with all the trade related information whenever they became interested to import European products or equipment. Being a European professional living and working in Iran, and having a master degree in transnational studies, she leads strategies of costumer care and services so that they match those expected by our clients. She also advises international companies on cultural aspects of doing international business in Iran.

Open Iran Group have on its team over 15 consultants who speak fluent English, so that communication is not an issue with international businesses. They are also specialized at what they are doing. In the current market, firms must be able to handle work in the areas of oil and gas, IP and IT law, E-Commerce, JV contracts, Mining, Banking and Finance, Investment Management and more specialized sections. This would need recruitment of lawyers with wider experience and of course the ability to communicate in English. Afarin Law Firm consists of one of the most versatile and accessible team of Iranian lawyers. This is why the firm opened up internationally and created a completely new breed of legal consultancy. All our lawyers and business consultants have been living abroad, they speak fluent English, the understand western culture and the expectation of western clients in terms of communication, costumer care, customer service, and most importantly delivering the promised service in a timely manner.

Due to demands, we only concentrate on serving foreign companies and assisting them in many aspects of their quest in investing in Iran. Afarin Law Firm, combined with the business services of Open Iran will be one of the main points of reference to foreign companies and their Iranian counterpart. We help foreign companies from A to Z, when investing in Iran, companies must make sure that legally they are on the right track, prevention is much effective and efficient that solutions once falling into a legal battle. We help firms with advice and services that can save them trouble so that they concentrate on business.

Open Iran Group is the trading name for OPEN IR LTD, registered company in England, registration number: 10856030. Registered address: 483 Green Lanes, London, England, N13 4BS

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