Iran and Azerbaijan will build 2 hydropower stations

Iranian Government approved a legislative proposal for the joint construction of 2 hydropower stations.
That was reported by Iranian media services.
The project envisages the construction of power stations on the Araks river, on the border of 2 countries.
The legislative proposal was approved by the majority vote.
The construction of 2 HPPs is only a part of agreements concluded between Iran and Azerbaijan in December 2015.
Within the bilateral agreement, the countries will cooperate in the construction of power stations on dams Gyz Galasi and Hoda Afarin, as well as the construction of Ordubad power station in Azerbaijan and Marazade in Iran.
Iran and Azerbaijan are developing their cooperation in different fields.
Iranian President visited Baku in August 2016. During that working trip, Iran and Azerbaijan signed several cooperation agreements.
In June 2016, Iran completed the construction of power transmission lines to distribute 600 MW of electricity to Azerbaijan.
The initiation of power exchange with Azerbaijan was scheduled for September 2016.
Iran is capable of exporting up to 2k MW of electricity annually.


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