Azerbaijan focuses on small hydropower

Chichekli HPP with the capacity of 3 MW was put into the operation after overhaul repairs. The opening ceremony featured Ilkham Aliev, President. According to Hydro World, the hydropower station was built in 1927 on the territory of Ashagy Zurnabad Geygelsky district. According to Etibar Pirverdiev, Azerenergy president, the hydropower station was completely destroyed by mudflow. So far, the capital overhaul is completed, new equipment is installed.
The hydropower station includes 3 hydro turbines and 3 generators with the capacity of 1 MW each. The storage capacity of water reservoir is 153k cubic meters, dam height – 10, lengths – 134, ridge width – 5.

Chichekli hydropower station with the production of 20m kWh of electricity annually is very important in terms of economic and social impact. The HPP will meet 15% demand in electricity of Geygelsky district and 75% demand of the citizens in Geygel town.

80 people were engaged in the construction. The project will enable 20 new work places.

Azerenergy continues developing hydropower. The company has already commissioned 14 hydropower stations. 4 more HPPs with the overall capacity of about 15 MW are afoot.

In early August, Mr. Aliev, President, took part in the opening ceremony of Balakensk HPP with the capacity of 1.5 MW. Azerenergy representative informed that the President laid the foundation of the station in 2010. The HPP featured 3 turbines with the capacity of 0.5 MW each.

Azerenergy is a state-owned power company, engaged in the production and distribution of electricity. All shares are owned by the state.


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